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What is Fibroblasting

What is Plasma:

Plasma is a dominant gaseous substance. Plasma consists of ionized particles (atoms, molecules, electrons) that are electrically positive and negatively charged. This is a physical process and can be applied to skin and aging problems in different ways.

What are Fibroblasts:

The main function of fibroblasts is the production of collagen. As you age, not only does the number of fibroblasts decrease, but they are also less active. Simply stated, this means: the supportive tissue becomes less firm, with skin sagging as a result. The fibroblasts are located in the 2nd skin layer, also called Leather-skin.

Explanation Fibroblast Plasma Pen:

The fibroblast treatment with the plasma pen is a new non-invasive * revolutionary treatment from Italy. The Fibroblast plasma pen produces a small plasmatic ‘ flash ‘ at the end of the Fibroblast pen. This ‘flash-you’ then penetrates into the skin. This works on the fibroblasts, which directly shrinks the skin and provides a firming effect and for quick and lite-less healing.

Because the epidermis ‘ evaporates ‘, a small brown dot arises, a so-called thermal reaction.  These dots are strategically positioned, depending on the area to be treated, which immediately shrinks the skin and reduces the excess skin. The pen does not touch the skin and the skin remains closed. So there is no open wound, which reduces the risk of side effects such as infections and scars. The healing process is therefore considerably shorter than in a traditional eye-lifting.

(* This includes without cutting, attaching, narcosis and densifying scars).


How long the result remains visible depends entirely on the skin and the mimics. Wrinkles through mimics (frons/forehead) will be visible again earlier, then wrinkles through skin sagging. The effect is long lasting. But because the treatment only exists for a few years, it is still difficult to mention how long it is.  But after 1 treatment the result is already very well visible. Per treatment The skin can shrink a few millimeters and thus tighten. In addition the treatment has also still a side effect. Because the fibroblasts are activated and thus again create collagen, this still works for 6-8 weeks in the skin and the optimal result is therefore only visible. It is recommended that you continue to activate the skin in the future and stimulate collagen production. This can be through different methods. For example, regular use of a derma-roller, or skin-enhancing and skin-building peelings.

In extreme overhanging skin at the eyes, either more treatments will be required, or be referred to a plastic surgeon for the traditional eyelid lifting. This is discussed in advance during the intake.

Treatment options:

Treatment works best with skin sagging. Especially the zone around and under the eyes and cheeks are very good to treat with a clear result already after the first treatment.In addition, you can treat wrinkles, crow’s feet, slight skin folds and excess and sagging skin on the different zones of the entire body. Even a half-lifting is possible. But also the area around the navel (after pregnancy).The treatment is also very effective for pigment/old-age treats. Immediately after the treatment you will see results. The skin is pale pink and the next day there are scabs on it, they fall off within a week and underneath is the new skin. Because of the risk of hyper-pigmention, these spots must be well protected with a high protection factor (50) against UV radiation. If specks are restless or subject to change, then consultation and approval with the dermatologist should take place first.


If any of the following conditions (s) apply to you, the treatment is discouraged or will take place in consultation (possibly with doctor):

  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes (unless it is under control)
  • Fillers (only after half a year)
  • Strong keloid formation in healing (scar tissue)
  • Fever
  • Skin cancer (always in consultation with treating physician)
  • Always pre-report the use of blood thinners.
  • Active herpes (if no longer active may begin treatment with medication)
  • Active Acne
  • Antibiotics
  • Alcohol use the night before treatment
  • Inflammation
  • Use of vitamin A, St. John’s Wort (photosensitive) and heavy medications or creams that make skin sensitive
  • Allergy to products used during treatment, e.g. latex, Emla Creme

The benefits of this treatment method in relation to plastic or cosmetic surgery:

  • No surgery and also no anesthetic
  • Blood and lymphatic vessels are not cut through and thus remain in tact which promotes healing. Skin stays closed and therefore no stitches
  • Quick Healing (within 10 days)
  • No change of position and expression at eyelid-lifting
  • No scarring and no bruising
  • Instantly visible result and instantly camouflage
  • Repetition treatments possible
  • All ages and skin types for both men and women
  • No body foreign substances
  • Virtually risk-less
  • Perfect replacement for fillers and Botox. No chance of adhesions, sprayed lips, drooping eyelids by mishandling Botox etc…

The treatment:

Intake interview (free):

Detailed information and questionnaires. Possibilities and wishes of the customer are discussed. The customer is also clearly informed about the course of treatment and aftercare by using photographs. If the customer decides to proceed with treatment, it is either treated directly or an appointment is made for the treatment. In advance, clear pictures are taken off the zone (s) to be treated.

The treatment itself:

The treated part is numb for 30 minutes using a narcotic cream, the treatment will begin. Depending on the zone to be treated and the skin, the treatment itself will take approximately 30/40 minutes. Because the treatment can be experienced without anesthesia as uncomfortable and annoying, a numbing cream is applied and covered 30 minutes in advance. Taking a painkiller (no aspirin) in advance can also always help. After this anesthetic, the treatment is very well bearable.

As discussed earlier, the ‘ dots ‘ are strategically applied to the zone to be treated. These are directly brown ‘ dots ‘ (the thermal effect), which show a dotted whole. After treatment, some swelling may occur, but you can see the lifting effect immediately. A brown camouflage cream should be used immediately after the treatment, which is also given.  This cream promotes the healing process and makes sure it doesn’t stand out that way. The brown dots are scabs and let loose after a day or 2. This process takes an average (depending on zone and skin) between 5 and 10 days. You may/should just keep camouflaging with this (special) makeup with SPF 50 so it also stands out less. (SPF 50 stands for Suns factor filter 50)

The swelling that usually arises, especially after the 2nd day, can persist for a few days, especially in the morning and the swelling sinks down. If you are already suffering from a moisture problem around your eyes, this may take a little longer.