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Permanent Make-Up

What is and for who is Permanent makeup?

PMU is a technique in which special skin-friendly pigmentation fluid is brought into the skin with an ultra thin needle, which goes up and down at lightning speed. These pigments are manufactured in accordance with the stringent requirements of the Ministry of Health and Inspection Service of goods that apply from July 2003.

Unlike a tattoo, the pigment is applied in the upper skin layer. This explains why Permanent makeup is not permanent, but in the course of time it will fade. On average, this will stay 2-5 years, depending on the pigmented part, the pigment used and the process of cell regeneration (skin renewal). This is an indication. Sometimes the pigmentation is still perfect after 10 years, but sometimes an annual refresh treatment is necessary.

The sun has great influence on color. You can also see this on your hair, the color will go back faster due to a lot of sunshine and you also have to have regular color-refreshments. This also applies to the pigmentation, especially for the eyebrows. Therefore, to keep the colour optimal, I also recommend an annual retouch treatment. Here you will receive 50% discount. Up to 2 years this is 25% and after that you will receive 10% on ‘retouch’ treatments.

In this way one can apply and or reinforce different accents in the face. Such as eyebrows and an eyeliner. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for women who have little or no hair growth due to the many epilation and need to re-draw this daily. It is also suitable for people who are allergic to makeup.

Of course we work with the safest and most modern equipment available on the market.